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Dog Boarding

Indoor/Outdoor Kennels

Our spacious Indoor/Outdoor Kennels allows your dog the freedom to choose how he spends his day, whether it’s burning energy in their own personal run or lounging inside the homey private kennel.


$20.00 per day


Family Accommodations
$38.00 for 2 dogs in one kennel
$8.00 for each additional dog


Indoor Kennels

Designed for dogs used to staying indoors, these spacious kennels provide privacy and comfort. Soft music sets the tone for this temperature controlled environment.

$20.00 per day


Family Accommodations -

$38.00 per day for 2 dogs in one kennel
$8.00 per day for each additional dog


Please note that dog boarding kennel charges start the day you drop off your fur-baby regardless of what time you drop them off.

Email inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. 

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